You may have come to my website to hire me to write your resume; however, I have learned over the years that the best person to write your resume is YOU!

Why? Your resume (or CV for folks outside the USA) is your professional story. The process of writing and updating it yourself is a valuable exercise that will prepare you for networking and job interviews.

In our day and age, hiring managers and recruiters expect every resume to be tailored and written to their job description. You cannot expect to pay good money to a stranger (even a resume-writing professional) that will be perfect for each job.

Even if you pay to update your resume, you will need to be modifying that resume for different job descriptions to match keywords and concepts.

If you are sincere about getting your ideal job, take the time to follow this video and the attached article, and the checklist.

Create your narrative. Get your story down.

If you believe you can do a job, you can be hired to do that job.

You’ve got this!

Article on Linked: How to Write a Resume Like a Professional

Resume Checklist & Get My LinkedIn Workbook!

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LinkedIn Workbook

LinkedIn has added a few features since the video and workbook were created, but the core methodology to assist you in crafting a proper professional narrative is solid. As is the guidance on headlines, profile pics, and banners.