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Your Partner in Empowerment

As a Leadership and Life Crafting Coach, I specialize in empowering women in leadership roles, female managers, and business owners seeking self-actualization for themselves, their teams, or their children, including teenagers.

My proactive and positive approach leverages your Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and grows your Positive Intelligence (PQ) to help you navigate challenging situations effectively.

Empowerment, in my coaching, involves vertical growth, shifting your personal experience up a level. While most focus on horizontal growth by expanding skills and knowledge, coaching delves into deeper self-understanding, your role in the world, and achieving personal mastery.

My commitment is to help you discover your true priorities and define personal mastery on your terms.

I provide reflections, pose powerful questions, encourage new perspectives, and create a safe space for your self-discovery.

Think of our coaching as a mental “Marie Kondoing,” clearing the unnecessary and focusing on what brings joy and aligns with your goals. On a profound level, our work together supports soul-level self-actualization.

By partnering with me, you embark on a transformative journey. We navigate life intricacies, shape meaningful careers, and enhance your mental fitness.

You define success, and I provide unwavering support every step of the way.

Life Crafting, as I see it, encompasses work, relationships, environment, self-development, and perspective. It’s about understanding, balancing, and setting intentions, hopes, and visions for each life aspect, leading to a purposeful, joyful, and satisfying existence.

Curious? Schedule a curiosity call or visit my Book-Me page to explore how we can work together. Invest in yourself today.

Safe Space | No Judgment

First, know that I deeply value creating a safe space, a container in space in time in which there is no judgment, simply deep listening. Each conversation is an opportunity to reflect and see how we might think about things differently, remember who we are so that we can live in harmony with ourselves, hold our space and focus on what is important. Coaching supports to to understand the why, convert it into a gift, so that we can take action. 

Career Clarity

“Discovering together what is really important, connecting the dots in a sensitive and safe space, and building a strategy to improve every aspect of my life is invaluable. Alison, helps me clarify my concerns/thoughts about my career dilemmas. I have a clear course of action at the end of every session.”

Confidence & Joy

Working with Alison, I’ve uncovered why I should speak up and be seen; how to do so with joy and confidence, how to hold my space and simply be me. The questions Alison asks are not easy, they are often really hard sometimes even uncomfortable, but she does so in a way that a I feel safe and seen. She gets what I need.

I am Enough

“Alison created a safe environment for me to share, actively listened to me, and asked many questions to make me think deeper about the cause. Every time I have some takeaways and action items to improve myself further. She guided me to understand that it is really important to work on the foundations to get to the bigger picture outcome. She reminded me that I am special, like a lotus, when I felt vulnerable.”

Lets be the humans we want to be, building the world we want to live in. 

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Why Positive Intelligence (PQ)?

As a 46-year-old mother of three with almost a decade of coaching experience, I’ve learned that life, while undeniably beautiful, can also be incredibly challenging. We face loss, illness, hardship, and conflict.

Yet, within this complexity, I’ve discovered the simple and profound that we can find joy amidst some of life’s biggest difficulties.

Around 15 years ago, someone close to me was diagnosed with cancer. Through her journey, I realized that we can experience joy alongside emotions like anger and grief.

It wasn’t until I embraced Positive Intelligence (PQ) that I truly grasped how to navigate the spectrum of human emotions while positively approaching life.

In 2021, I was in the 5th cohort of coaches invited to experience the PQ program and learn the PQ coaching method. Amid COVID-19, this work brought me inner peace, deeper relationships, and resilience, even in some of the most challenging moments.

Mental fitness practice should be taught everywhere, from schools to workplaces. While activities like yoga contribute to my holistic well-being, PQ has been the transformative force that helped me conquer life’s challenges.

PQ isn’t just about mindset or personal growth; it’s about transforming how you experience life itself and how you experience others, which impacts your relationship with yourself and others.

Through my coaching, I share this transformation with you. I believe in continuous learning, forgiveness, and hard work as the pillars of a fulfilling life, and PQ takes it further, offering tangible strategies to elevate your mental fitness.

My commitment extends beyond personal growth; it’s about creating a better world for women, people, and the planet. PQ has equipped me with the mindset to impact society positively.

With my coaching, you’ll pursue your goals as a leader, woman, mother, or other while discovering how PQ and mental fitness can be your allies in achieving them. Together, we’ll harness PQ and other tools like Job Crafting or NVC communication to make a profound difference in your life and the world around you.

While raising three incredible children, supporting my husband’s recovery from PTSD while building his business, and living in Madagascar and France, I’ve gained a unique perspective that enriches my coaching. Adding PQ to the mix and my life is a gift that I love, every day, even on the hard days.

Let’s embark on this empowering journey together and create a brighter future for yourself and the world!

Life Crafting + PQ Testimonial

I’m happy to report that I finished the UX design course and in just three weeks of job hunting (I only sent about 9 applications), I got a job offer at almost double my old salary! Needless to say, I am THRILLED. Of course, I am a little nervous, but still so excited!

I really need to thank you for setting me on this path. I honestly don’t know if I’d be here if I hadn’t stumbled upon your comment on the Women’s Personal Finance group on Facebook and reached out to you for coaching. Not only did you introduce me to the idea of UX design (which I had literally not even heard of) but you helped me to find the courage to make a career pivot and take the leap. Seriously, I can’t thank you enough!”

Career Crafting Testimonial

So, I got an offer today for a “hidden job market” role, the first time I have come across such a thing. The title and the salary are more than I was expecting, I am pretty happy about it. Thanks for all your help with this process!

Group Facilitation Testimonial

As a component leader for an INGO, I had the great opportunity to work with Alison several times in the last year. She listens for and helps clients express their best selves. Her thoughtful approach to coaching and facilitation helped me take new ground in putting words to my deeper goals and purpose professionally and personally. Through our sessions, I gained confidence in pursuing meaningful contributions in the professional path ahead. I would highly recommend Alison’s compassionate and impactful coaching services.

Business Coaching Testimonial

Alison’s style of questioning brought to the surface things that were quietly troubling me without me noticing them. Absolutely superb experience. Thank you so much.

Types of Coaching

Individual Coaching

We all suffer from self-sabotage. We are our own worst critics and judge. Overthinking and stress lead to reduced potential and adverse health outcomes. The Positive Intelligence program leverages the latest in applied positive psychology and neuroscience research with coaching to support you in enjoying your full potential.

Live in alignment, improve your experience, enjoy your present, savor your past, and build hope for your future.

I will leverage my expertise in neuroscience, cognitive behavioral science, performance science, and positive psychology to provide customized coaching that empowers you to integrate your mind, body, and heart. Through individual coaching sessions, we will work on achieving mental fitness, regulating your emotions, building resilience, and developing the skills and mindset necessary to thrive personally and professionally.

Business Coaching

Group & Individual Coaching

Facilitation & Workshops

Since 2014 I’ve worked with start-up founders, engineers, CTOs, middle-managers, leadership teams, C-Suite, directors, and HR to support individuals and organizations to achieve success. My passion is working with social impact organizations and leadership teams that are committed to making a difference for their employees and the world.

Working remotely and in person, I will facilitate feedback sessions, strategic planning conversations, employee retreats, and workshops for small to medium organizations or groups.

As an independent consultant, I offer one-off and year-long coaching engagements that leverage the Positive Intelligence program. Please book a chat if you’d like to know more about any of these options.


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