Alison Rakotonirina

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working in Mada

Coaching Since 2015

Alison proactively blends her strengths as a career development and life crafting coach with her work experience in community development and management. Adding to her professional knowledge and natural aptitudes for coaching, she has completed certifications in applied positive psychology and life coaching. A student of Human Analytics and Organizational Development, she believes in internal employee and leadership development. Embracing grace and grit, she also leverages her knowledge of job crafting, mindfulness tools, and story coaching to support clients. 

As a dynamic and multi-passionate seeker of knowledge, Alison partners with individual and group clients to support the development of self-advocacy, resilience, and employee engagement. She guides each individual or group to navigate their struggles and pain points, supporting them to build self-awareness and the tools to speak, set goals, plan pivots, cultivate their leadership skills, and negotiate with authenticity, confidence, and joy.  

Alison readily builds a rapport with diverse clients by holding a safe and confidential space for them to share. Alison is excited to leverage cutting edge research and devices, including online coaching platforms, to share effective coaching that transforms lives and build a better world.

Fluent in English & French | Conversational Malagasy

2021 the

Best Year Yet!